Royal Enterprise has been a part of the aluminum industry, basically, is a scrap buyer and recycling company, and has been operating for the last 25 years. It is Mr. Amit Mundra, who took the initiative to start Royal Enterprise. Today, there has been a notable advancement in aluminum recycling, scrap and in the recovery that has lead to the growth of the aluminum industry. All over the world, aluminum products, like, aluminum foil, parts of automobile, used aerosol and beverage cans and other components are all recycled in a big quantity to extract secondary aluminum.

Royal Enterprise has been dealing with aluminum scrap and aluminum alloy ingots; for many years, they also work with brass and copper scrap. Royal Enterprise has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in handling all different types of scrap.

Royal Enterprise services include :-

  • Buying and selling of scrap, often.
  • With quick payment, you can do away with the scrap, promptly and convert it all into cash.
  • We buy and deal with copper, aluminum and brass scrap.
  • We provide annual contract to our clients.
  • We provide customer service.
  • Boost revenue


We want to be known for our transparent transactions, wide range of services, grading, good quality products and services, quick payments, smooth process and weighing. Our customers or clients, should remember us, for our competitive pricing and farfetchead quality.Our company, Royal Enterprise, should lead the aluminum industry.We would like, to expand our business, and make sure; our brand is recognized nationwide and globally.


We want our clients to know or understand, why selling or buying from Royal Enterprise, is an ideal option. Our motto is to provide brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. We take pride in providing the perfect solution for every individual customer. We look forward to a long term relationship with our customers or clients. We believe in giving opportunities .